Whatever your rigging need is, Louis P. Cote, Inc. can handle it. Whether we have to bring in a 28 ton or a 250 ton crane we will use the right equipment to make the job safe and cost effective. Our 200 ton hydraulic gantry is ideal to use in many plants when cranes and forklifts cannot be used.
Our diversified fleet of trucks will handle all your needs whether you’re shipping across town or across the nation. We will also provide all necessary state and federal permits. Our equipment includes:

  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Flatbed Straight Trucks
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Double Drop Trailers
  • Van Trailers with Full Logistics
  • Air Ride Equipment
When you need that extra safety of crating your equipment for domestic or overseas shipping, count on Louis P. Cote, Inc. Whether it’s a delicate piece or a large weldment, you can be sure that we have it packed, it will arrive in perfect condition. We can load and haul your equipment to our warehouse for crating, freeing up your valuable floor space. Alternatively, we can pre-fab the crates and package it at your facility.

All of our crating is done according to ISPM standards and guidelines, right down to the required lumber.

We have the know-how to handle all of your machinery moving problems. Whether it has to be loaded at a dock, from the ground or from the top of a building, we will take care of it. With a fleet of forklifts ranging from a 2,000 pound capacity to 60,000 pounds, we can make the moving and loading of machinery very easy.

We may even float your equipment over your floor with our air caster system. It has the capability to float up to 48,000 pounds on a cushion of air!

Often times a piece of equipment may have to be partially or completely dismantled in order to remove it from its location—and we can handle that.

Once the machinery is in place we will level and secure it to the floor. If need be, we can even take care of your electrical and mechanical needs through our network of subcontractors.

In order to continue providing you with the best possible service available we are pleased to introduce a new service we are providing to better serve your needs- Laser Pulley Alignments.

Our system provides precision alignment of not only belts but also chain pulleys. Which in turn improves efficiency, reduces downtime, extends the belt and pulley life, reduces vibration and belt noise, and minimizes unscheduled stops. Every pulley from 3” and larger can be aligned from up to 20’ away without removing the belt or chain.

Alignment, leveling of couplings, shafting, rolls, machine and machine lines are no problem with our state-of-the-art precision “laser” alignment/leveling system.

With our system we will also be able to hanldle the meticulous duty of leveling and aligning couplings, shafting, rolls, surface plates and more.